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Jessica Z.
This product has absolutely improved the texture and overall smoothness of my skin.

Lisa N.
I found this product to be great!. My skin feels wonderful. I would recommend this for women and men.

Sara D.
The price is affordable and I feel its making a difference in the way my skin looks around my mouth and "crows feet".

It's time to look younger!

End the wait for smoother skin!

If you experience one or more of the following, then Face by Julia may help your symptoms:

  • Wrinkly Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Flaky Skin
  • Damaged Skin
  • Discolored Skin
  • Stained Skin
  • Cracked Skin
  • Rough Skin

How does Julia's Anti-Aging formula work

I added an amazing ingredient called Lavandox to my line which is made of selected molecules of Spanish lavender oil (Lavandula stoechas). Lavandox causes muscle contractions allowing wrinkles to be reduced within 24 hours. Not only will this help wrinkles that already exist, but it will also prevent wrinkles in the future. It is also known as “Botox in a bottle.”

Ceramides are also a breakthrough discovery as far as how important they play a role in maintaining our youth and repairing aged skin. Ceramides are already found in the top layer of your skin called the epidermis. They act as a glue to keep our skin cells together. In addition, ceramides hold onto water molecules that help to attract and retain moisture in the skin. As our ceramide levels decrease with age it is important to put them back into your skin. Lack of ceramides results in loss of moisture which causes thinning, stretching, fine lines and wrinkles. By the age of 60, we have lost so much ceramide that the upper layer of skin is 30% thinner.

Beautiful Skin in Less Than 10 Days!

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4 Easy Steps... 1 Undeniable Result!

Step 1 Daytime Moisturizer

• Protects against skin cancer

• Prevents sun spots

• Anti-oxidants

• Aloe extract moisturizes and sooths inflamation.

• Builds collagen and elastin

Step 2 Corrective Eye Serum

• Reduces dark circles, redness & inflammation

• Minimizes crows feet within 24 hrs

• Boosts collagen growth

Step 3 Retinol Corrective Serum

• Decreases fine lines and wrinkles in within 24 hrs.

• Minimizes pores

• Enhances tone and quality

• Diminishes sun spots and age spots

• Increases collagen and elastin production

• Thickens the epidermis

Step 4 Anti-Aging Restorative Night Cream

• Locks in moisture

• Visibly rejuvenates quality of skin

• Maintains tighter, firmer skin

• Repairs wrinkles and scars

• Lock and increases hydration

• Anti-inflammatory

Breakthrough Technology in
″Ceramides″ and ″Lavandox″

The two most important ingredients in the “Face by Julia” kit are Lavandox and Ceramides which provide your skin with an immense amout of moisture. You will see a visible significant change in your skin if you use a moisturizer with spf 30 every day to protect from the sun's harmful rays. Using green tea extracts as a potent anti-oxidant will also shield your skin from everyday harmful environmental radicals which will help to avoid skin cancer and cell breakage.

Most of us will at some point wake up with red puffy eyes and dark circles. Coffee arabica extract is an incredible element to quickly reduce these unattractive symptoms. Peptides are a key ingredient to boosting collegen to help minimize crows feet and seal water back into our skin. Hyaluronic acid is 1,000 times its own mass in water locking in natural moisture and enabling elasticity.

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